#A4444 Antique World Globe Chandelier with Zodiac Ring


Antique World Globe chandelier with zodiac outer ring circa 1910-1925. The globe is made of hand forged wrought iron and curved glass. The glass is hand painted with the continents of Europe, Africa, Australia and portions of Asia & South America. A dotted line represents Magellens circumnavigation of the globe 1519. Embellishments of fish, sea horse, jelly fish and sailing ships dot the globe. Several glass sections have been replaced and the top portion of the globe shows wear from a constant drip of water due to a leaky glass roof where it was hung from 1920’s to 1967.

The Zodiac ring is made of hand forged wrought iron, steel, brass and gold leaf. The chandelier has numerous porcelain sockets inside the interior of the globe and the globe & ring are suspended by 6 steel chains that cluster to a brass sphere and in turn an adjustable chain connects to the hand forged iron & brass sun burst ceiling canopy.


Diameter of globe:  3’6″

Diameter of globe with zodiac ring:  4’6″

Diameter of globe with ceiling canopy:  18″ DIA  x  5″ L

Length from sphere to bottom of globe:  6’6″

Overall length:  7’8″

Number of sockets:  8  100 watt capacity

Shipping $1,250.-


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